Useful Links

Below I have listed a number of internet links which you may find useful. Some are local businesses, others are specific internet businesses that I have used and some are even overseas sites that I believe are well worth looking at.

The Delta Society

The Delta Society are a not for profit organisation that 'helps dogs help people'. It runs a number of programes including Delta Classroom Canines, Delta Dog Training Accreditation, Delta Dog Safe and Delta Therapy Dogs. It is a great place to find a Delta dog trainer or behaviourist in your local area.!

Association of Pet Dog trainers Australia

The APDT Australia is a forum for trainers. It has links to articles on why we dont use punishment and on dominance as well as areas where you can find trainers in your local area.

Doggone Safe

This is an American based website with some great tips and information on dog / child safety.

Todd's Tasty Treats

This is a local business based in Lavington. Specialising in fresh meats, ready made meals, dried chews and more. Drop in and see them or browse their website.

Rutherglen Veterinary Clinic

149 Main Street, Rutherglen. Phone - (02) 6032 8022

Located in Main Street Rutherglen, the Rutherglen Veterinary Clinic can assist not only with your canine family members needs but many other species as well. Drop in and see Dr Penny and the friendly staff.

Spoilt Rotten Pets

2/326 Griffith Road, Lavington. Phone - (02) 6040 9877

This is a local business based in Lavington. If you are looking for a special toy or maybe a new bed or collar, then this is the store for you. Just as the name suggests, if you want to spoil your pet, head into the store today!

Black Dog Wear

This is an Australian company which offers a wide range of great dog training products. I am an authorised seller of their merchandise.

Howlongs Mutts In May

Howlongs very own annual dog festival. It is held on the first Sunday in May in the main Street of Howlong and is great fun!.

Aussie Dog

This is an Australian company which offers high end quality dog toys. I personally love the Staffy Ball and the Home Alone toy!

Through A Dogs Ear

This is a wonderful American site, which features information on a range of speciality CD's made just for dogs (but humans love them too!) to help reduce stress and anxiety. I am an authorised selller of these CD's.


One of the best known brands of dog toys, most people are aware of the classic Kong but are you aware of the large number of other great products avaialable as well?

Personalised Pet Collars

This is an Australian company who offer leads and collars with your dogs name and phone number sewn into the item. No more clinky tags where the phone number becomes too hard to read with these collars, the phone number and dogs name are sewn into the webbing for everyone to see!