About Us

Life Lessons On Leash is owned and operated by myself, Jude Tuttleby. I specialise in positive reinforcement training, specifically clicker training, and believe strongly in strengthening the relationship between canines and humans, allowing each to enjoy living harmoniously with the other.

I am a qualified dog trainer, holding a Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services. This is an Australian run course that covered 2 years of study and involved 2 weeks of live in study and hands on training (there is a reason they called these sessions 'intensives'), completion of a number of assignments including Canine first aid, Theory on how dogs learn, Dog breeds, State and local laws in relation to responsible dog ownership, How to run and assess Canine Good Citizen classes and tests, and much, much more. It is the highest level of nationally accredited dog training in Australia. I am a professional member of the Delta Professional Dog Trainers Association and an accredited Delta Canine Good Citizen instructor. In order to remain a professional member I am required to continue my education and must meet strict guidelines in terms of furthering my knowledge, running classes and the ethics I work by. I am also a professional member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia, and a Doggone Safe presenter and member.

I have been owned by a number of 4 legged friends throughout my life including a Rottweiler cross named Zara, a Samoyed cross by the name of Surfie, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Jethro, and a number of cats. It was working with these dogs: in particular Zara, that I grew disenchanted by ‘traditional’ dog training methods and began to look for an alternative.

This search lead me down a number of paths, including becoming a Delta Pet Partner with Zara for a period of time – we visited nursing homes and hospitals to visit the sick and elderly which was very rewarding but also challenging for both myself and Zara. I researched a number of courses before enrolling in the DELTA Certificate IV, but kept coming back to it over all others as I loved what they stood for and the efforts they were making in bringing positive reinforcement training methods to the forefront of dog training.

Currently I belong to a Deerhound cross Staghound named Callie, an Irish Wolfhound pup named Odin and a cat named Sprocket (who believes he is above all things such as good manners and training).