Welcome to Life Lessons On Leash

Offering positive reinforcement dog training for anyone interested in strengthening the bond between their canine companions and themselves.I will help you to develop a well mannered canine who is a pleasure to be around, and a valued member of your family.

Ever wondered how they teach exotic animals like polar bears, dolphins or elephants to perform? Not only will you learn the principles behind this but you will actively use them with your dog to achieve the companion you have always wanted.

At Life Lessons On Leash we focus on pet dog training, aiming for a well mannered dog who knows and follows the basic commands needed to ensure they are an active member of your life and not someone who is left in the yard because it is too difficult to take them out in public. Using operant conditioning and purely positive methods we make training fun and enjoyable for both you and your dog.

For further information regarding any of our products or services please feel
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2 aides to help your dog deal with stressful (or highly exciting) situations.

Consider playing music for your dog. Classical music has been proven to assist in helping to calm a dog in a number of situations. Find a classical radio station, pop it on at a low level and let it play in the background. There is a range of CD's produced specifically for dogs which I have found amazing. These CD's are called Through A Dogs Ear (see our products page for more information) and I have personally found them to work in a number of different scenarios. I have used them to work with dogs nervous about storms, played in a vet surgery in the 'recovery area' - where the Vet informed me they have never had such a quiet day barking wise, and even just to help calm a variety of dogs down and encourage them to rest quietly when inside and visitors arrive.

You can also look at using D.A.P. DAP stands for Dog Appeasing Pheromone - this is a synthetic copy of a natural pheromone that mother dogs emit and give the pups a sense of reassurance and well being. It can be used with puppies and dogs of all ages and can be purchased as a collar (offering approx 30 continual days of use), a plug-in refillable dispenser or a spray.


We are pleased to announce that we will be offering classes in Euroa! Classes will be run on a Sunday between 10am and 2.30pm and will be offered subject to enrollment. To begin with we will be offering our Level One Basic Manners course.

Please see the Services page for information on what the Level One course is all about and contact us for enrolment information.


Enrolments are now open for Puppy Preschool (Rutherglen) and Level One Basic Manners (both Howlong and Euroa venues).

Puppy Pre-School Classes begin monthly and are offered on Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm. This course is held at the Rutherglen Vet Clinic.

Level One Basic Manners courses begin each school term and are offered at the Howlong Public School on a Saturday morning or in Euroa on a Sunday morning/afternoon.

Both Level One and Puppy Pre School courses have limited places available as classes are kept to a maximum of 6 dogs.

Private One on One Consultations are offered year round and are scheduled at a time and day that suits you, in the comfort of your own home.

For specific information on each course, please see the links below.

Puppy Preschool

Level One Basic Manners

Agility for Beginners

Canine Good Citizen

Private Consultations

Canine Good Citizen and Agility for Beginners run subject to enrolment. Please register your interest in wither of these classes to be notified when a course will be offered.